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Program Name Calculator Author Description Program Type
inFINITE Beta 83/84+ BattlesquidBattlesquid inFINITE pits you against seemingly endless waves of bosses and enemies. Battle it out as one of five classes for as long as you can. With over 3000 levels of gameplay, an achievement system, and well hidden easter eggs, you won't want to miss downloading this for your 83+. See the README for more info. RPG
Mini Bomberman 83/84+ BattlesquidBattlesquid A shrunken down version of the classic Bomberman game. Utilize your endless stream of bombs to make it to the exit without killing yourself. Works on the 83+ and 84+, recommended for the 84+SE. Arcade
FLOW v1.1 84+CSE/CE kg583kg583 Popular mobile game Flow Free emulated for the Ti-84+CSE. Uses very little assembly but is currently NOT compatible with the CE (update to come). Read the readme for installation instructions and other info. Arcade
Slots v1.1 83/84+ TrenlyTrenly A very basic program where a user can try their luck at slots. This is a partially optimized program, and might be updated to be fully optimized at a later date. Arcade
Flappy Bird 83/84+ TrenlyTrenly This is an emulation of the once popular game "Flappy Bird". It features an intuitive design which allows users to change the speed, and is easy to control. To change the speed, change the first line of the program. A lower number stored into D will make the program faster, higher numbers will make it slower. D must be at least 1. Any key will make the "bird" go up. Arcade
Vectors 83/84+ TrenlyTrenly This program calculates useful information about two vectors which are given in i,j,k notation assuming they start at a common origin. Simply enter the values into matrix B of size 2x3, with vector A in the first row and vector B in the second row; then run this program. It will calculate the length of each vector, the angle between them, the distance traveled on X, Y, and Z as well as the total distance between the two endpoints. Math
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